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Apply for a show

 Are you a student in Leeds?  Want to get involved with the UK's best student radio? Why not apply to be on one of our shows!  Choose from our range of existing core shows below or pitch an idea for your very own.

Applications for semester 2 2024 are now closed - please check back in in October 2024 (when our applications next open)

Here's some top tips and tricks when applying for a show...

  • Show us your personality. We want to know what you’re interested in and what you’d be like on the radio!

  • Be original. Make yourself stand out and show us your best ideas!

  • Be available - the more times you’re free the more likely you are to get a show!

  • No one word answers - we want to see your passion and enthusiasm shine through so one word answers won't cut it. A few succinct sentences is perfect!

  • Take your time - applications are open for a week, so take the time to think about what you want to apply for, what you can feasibly commit to and most importantly why you want to be part of our society!

      Right now get applying - Good luck!

Apply for a DJ slot (10-12AM)

Apply for Breakfast (9-11am)

Click here to apply for a Breakfast show

*to find out more about our breakfast show check out the breakfast team insta @thisislsrbreakfast

Apply for Hometime (5-7pm)

Click here to apply for a Hometime show

*Got a question about hometime? Head over to @thisislsr_hometime on insta

Apply for News:

Click here to apply for the News Team

*To find out more about LSR's news team head on over to our dedicated news insta @thisislsr_news

Apply for Sport:

Click here to apply for LSR's Sport Team

*Got questions about our sports team? Head on over to insta @thisislsr_sport

Apply for your own podcast:

Become an LSR Technician...

Are you looking to gain hands on experience in live sound/ broadcast engineering? Make yourself known to us! We'd love to have you as on board as an in-house technician to help us keep pushing the boundaries of radio, broadcast live music sessiona and most importantly stay on air! Get in touch with Head of production or station manager Hollie 

LSR Producer Scheme

Are you interested in taking a behind the scenes approach to Leeds Student Radio?
Are you an avid presenter who sometimes struggles with ideas for your show? Why not join forces in LSR’s production scheme?!

Join our group chat to learn more + get involved here


Apply for a show

Our applications will next open in October 2024.

Check back then to apply for a show!

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