About Us

Leeds Student Radio is the only student radio station in Leeds: run by students, for students. We broadcast live from Leeds University Union every day during term time from 9am-midnight and students from ANY Leeds university are welcome. Not to mention the many events we host throughout the year, right on your doorstep.

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a space here for you: presenting, producing, DJing, design, tech, event management, marketing. The list goes on. And the best part is, no previous experience is required! We’ll help you find your place and provide you with the help and resources you need to kickstart your career or just have some fun. Our schedule ranges from arts, comedy and music to sport, film and science so no matter what you’re interested in, we’ll get it on-air (we even have shows about snacks and scandipop, so truly anything goes).

But if presenting isn’t your thing, don’t worry. At LSR you can learn to DJ and get paid for your sets in LUU and around Leeds. Want to put on your own event or learn how to produce? We do that too! And we always need tech experts, because things can’t run smoothly all the time…


The LSR schedule is divided into 4 sections.

Daytime Shows (between 11am and 5pm every weekday): Usually speech shows, although this is not set in stone. These shows can cover anything from celebrity gossip to premier league football, and always play music from the exclusive LSR playlist. Core daytime shows include The LGBT show, Women’s Hour and The BME show

Evening Shows (between 7pm and midnight every weekday evening): Often specialist music shows, or late-night speech programming.  Our evening programming is incredibly varied, and throughout the week we can move from grime, to comedy, to disco and beyond. 

Weekend Shows: At the weekend, our schedule gets even more eclectic. Weekend core shows are The Science Show, Box Office and The Arts Show

Core Shows: Our main core shows are Breakfast (9-11am) and Hometime (5-7pm). Breakfast is about soundtracking a student’s morning, and typically keeps things upbeat and interactive. Hometime is our drivetime show, which keeps things casual and light-hearted while maintaining a student focus.

In addition, we have regular Sports programming on a Saturday and a Monday from the Sports Team. This team is also responsible for Varsity coverage. Then we have the News Team which acts as the journalistic wing of LSR. The News Team hosts its own core shows including News of the Week and presenters do bulletins throughout the day. We also have the Music Team, who decide the station’s playlist. By getting involved in Sports, Music or News, you’ll get the opportunity to do reviews, interviews and get guest list across the city. You’ll also get the chance to learn the ropes of journalism in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Buy your membership and apply for a show here.


Leeds Student Radio work closely with commercial sponsors to promote to the local student community. Our large social media following and listenership is made up of predominantly students, allowing you the unique opportunity to reach the university audience from the very heart of the union building.

Our marketing team will work with you to choose the best package for your company.

Then, our production team will create high quality ads for you; making your brief appeal to LSR’s audience

Finally, our on-air and online teams will ensure that your business is well promoted on a multi-platform level.

If that’s not enough…

We can run creative social media campaigns, sponsored events and on-air competitions to drum up even more interest

What do we do with your money?

We use our sponsorships to develop the station. By purchasing new tech, upgrading our resources and expanding our reach, we are also increasing your ads reach which in turn, will benefit you further!

To find out more about sponsoring and advertising on Leeds Student Radio, email marketing@thisislsr.com

Find Us

Leeds Student Radio is based in the heart of University of Leeds’  Student Union, situated by the stairs on the first floor looking over the front of the union. You can drop by and talk with our Station Manager or one of our committee members with any questions you may have in relation to joining or working with LSR.