Term 3 Revision Radio


From Monday 15th May – Friday 2nd June LSR opens its studio for your last chance to get on air this year.

Sign up to 1hr or 2hr shows on 1st, 2nd, 3rd or all of the final weeks that we are on air.

This is your last chance to get yourselves some demo-worthy content as we count down the days before the SRA Award applications…make it count!

WEEK 1 SIGN UP SHEET (15th-21st)

WEEK 2 SIGN UP SHEET (22nd-28th)

WEEK 3 SIGN UP SHEET (29th-2nd)

🔹 1st – 7th May: Normal broadcasting
🔹 8th – 14th May: Non compulsory normal broadcasting
🔹 15th – 2nd June: Revision Radio



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