LSR Term 3 Schedule


It has been a record-breaking year at LSR. This final sprint finish is our chance to equip next year’s team as best we can with a brand new Station Manager and sparkling new committee ✨

Any one of you is capable of being on committee next year. If you’re considering it (including those abroad), don’t forget to speak to the person currently in the position you’re after and get someone else on the committee to nominate you!


19th-21st April SRA Conference
24th April Back on Air
24th April Station Manager Applications Close
24th April Committee Applications Open (manifesto box in office)
28th April Committee Applications Close
29th April The Northern Connection
1st May Committee Manifestos Go Online
1st May Revision Radio Applications Open (apply through link on Facebook)
3rd May Leeds Enterprise
5th May 12pm Revision Radio Applications Close
5th May Riley Awards
9th May Station Manager Presentations & Interviews (Room 5)
10th May LSR AGM – New Committee Chosen (Function, 10-4pm)
12th May A Very LSR Party & Awards (HPBC)
14th May Revision Radio Schedule Released
15th May Revision Radio Broadcasting Begins
3rd June LSR does the Leeds Ball



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