Live at Leeds: What does it take to make it onto the line up?


Counting down the days until Live at Leeds? Us too.

We thought we’d take the opportunity in the run up to the city’s biggest music event of the year to catch up with one of the festival’s organisers, Aaron Snowdon and quiz him on his top tips for being a young band in Leeds and how they put together such a brilliant line up.


Leeds bands form a huge part of the Live at Leeds line up – how important is it to you to keep pushing local talent as part of the festival?

 Aaron: It’s great to have so many good local Leeds bands on this years festival. We’ve got bands like FLING, Team Picture, Heir & Weirds all representing Leeds and all are really developing well! We’ve had bands like Pulled Apart By Horses, Alt J, Wild Beasts, The Pigeon Detectives all play LAL at early stages of their careers and it’s great to have that Leeds connection.


What do you look for in bands that you pick to play the festival – especially those who are up-and-coming?

 Aaron: We’re looking for enthusiastic, committed bands to play LAL. We promote over 300 shows per year, and have many support slots available to these bands. We’re always on the look out for brand new exciting bands and these support slots are a gateway to slots at the festival. 


What advice have you got for bands forming at university who want to become more involved in the Leeds scene?

Aaron: Getting out and playing shows in Leeds is great, but try to make each show you play an occasion. Rather than over playing the city, focus on one gig and make the upmost effort to get as many folk to it. It’s a good way to build up your reputation and support slots with touring bands is a great way of forming new relationships.


What’s the best way to make yourself known to Leeds bookers and promoters if you’re a young band in Leeds?

Aaron: Always go via an email address if possible. I’m sure like many other bookers / promoters, your personal facebook page is inundated with messages and sometimes they can get lost. Always do things professionally as possible. Ask a venue who the best contact is for booking shows and they’ll often pass you onto the correct contact.


For any students still in doubt (we’re not sure how) about getting a ticket – in one sentence, what can you give us to persuade them?

Aaron: LAL is the perfect opportunity to discover your favourite new band. Before booking on the festival LAL was a certain date I always made free in my calendar to go out, check new bands, enjoy seeing the city busy with other music lovers. Do your research, listen to the Spotify playlists on our website / social media and prepare yourself for the day!



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