Stretch to Dance: The Weird and Wonderful World of the Stretchy Dance Supply

Young adults engaging in a wholesome stretch

You do not stretch enough, Stretchy Dance Supply can help with that. Stretchy Dance Supply is a gathering of like minded individuals led by Cuil, Breaka, Loyal Hardware and Sourpuss who first got together at Wharf Chambers at the beginning of February. The music ranges from house to Jungle via some filthy breaks and wholesome stretches. Stretching has many benefits, as does Stretchy Dance Supply, these include but are not limited to:

  1. Encouraging an optimistic outlook
  2. Fortifying posture
  3. Enabling greater flexibility
  4. Increasing stamina
  5. Decreasing risk of injury
  6. Improving energy levels*
  7. Promoting blood circulation
  8. Improving athletic performance
  9. Reducing soreness
  10. Reducing cholesterol

This isn’t a night that tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator, you won’t be hearing classic disco tracks of a night like good life and tech-house is off the table. Stretchy is hard, fast and at all times silly. This silliness is underlined by the constant presence of the Japanese Aerobics video which served as a sort of inspiration for the night but can also be seen in the music, see this DJ Tameil track dropped by Cuil as an example:

You can stretch in many different ways and the selections at Stretchy Dance Supply are diverse. It’s a mash up of genres which is a refreshing change from going to a specific house or techno night with a headline minor-celebratory DJ. A real highlight was that, by the time Sourpuss hit the decks about 4am the room was ready for the Junglists to take over, this is really a credit to the build up by Cuil, Breaka and Loyal Hardware in the hours before. This isn’t to say that this is the sort of night that conforms to a having some kind of ‘headline act,’ more that the guys managed to pull together a night that flowed naturally from one genre to the next with everything building on what had come before.

When you are choosing what you want to listen to you don’t just listen to one genre. If you attend a night at a big venue like Beaverworks then you will often flit between rooms to see your favourite acts but will walk away feeling like you had a disjointed experience. The guys at Stretchy have managed to put together a night that allows you to not commit to a single genre for an entire evening while also maintaining your immersion in your night out.

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