About Us

Leeds Student Radio (also known as LSR and formerly as LSRfm.com) is a student radio station that broadcasts every day during term time from Leeds University Union at the University of Leeds.  It is also has members from Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Beckett University, and Leeds College of Music. The station is broadcast online through its website www.thisislsr.com.

With over 300 members joining annually, Leeds Student Radio is one of the largest student radio stations in the country. The station is run by an elected committee of student volunteers, and the management of the station is overseen by a full-time station manager, employed by Leeds University Union. Leeds Student Radio boasts 120 hours of scheduled programming a week, with shows ranging from Political Animal to specialist music shows of every genre under the sun.  The schedule is undeniably diverse and gives opportunities for a wide variety of students to learn the ropes of the media industry. Many of our alumni have gone on to enjoy glittering careers in the media, and see LSR as where they learnt the ropes.

The station also provides live DJs for venues within Leeds University Union and the City of Leeds. Each year we consistently hold our own sell out events across the city, and provide opportunities for our members to network and gain employable skills.


The LSR schedule is divided into 4 sections. We have Daytime Shows (between 11am and 5pm every weekday), which are usually speech shows, although this is not set in stone. This programming is about providing entertaining content for students going about their days. They could cover anything from celebrity gossip to premier league football, and always play upbeat music from the exclusive LSR playlist. We also have Evening Shows (between 6pm and 1am every weekday evening), which are often specialist music shows, or more late-night speech programming.  Our evening programming is incredibly varied, and throughout the week we can move from grime, to comedy, to disco and beyond. We also have Weekend Shows, which is when we have our most diverse programming. At the weekend, our schedule gets even more eclectic, managing to keep the energy of Saturday evening broadcast but move into the relaxed vibes of a Sunday.

Finally, we have the core shows on Leeds Student Radio. These are Breakfast (9-11am) and The Beat (5-6pm). Breakfast is about soundtracking a students morning, and typically keeps things nice and upbeat. The Beat is our drivetime programming, and each day can be as eclectic as the schedule itself, whilst maintaining a student focus.

In addition to this, we also have regular Sports programming, run by our dedicated Sports Team. You can apply to be part of the team, and appear on the show. We also have a News Team, which acts as the journalistic wing of LSR. The News Team contributes to the Breakfast shows by bringing you a morning bulletin, and then summarises the week of news at the end of the week with its own show. Then, we have the Music Team, who decide the stations playlist. By getting involved in Sports, Music or News, you’ll get the opportunity to do reviews, interviews and get guestlist across the city. You’ll also get the chance to learn the ropes of journalism in a relaxed, friendly environment.

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Leeds Student Radio work closely with commercial sponsors to promote to the local student community. Our online presence and loyal listenership provides a perfect platform for companies and individuals looking to promote to Leeds students. Our marketing team work hard to ensure that our sponsors are well promoted both on-air and online, producing high quality adverts and creative ad campaigns. To find out more about sponsoring and advertising on Leeds Student Radio, email marketing@thisislsr.com

Find Us

Leeds Student Radio is based in the heart of University of Leeds’  Student Union, situated by the stairs on the first floor looking over the front of the union. You can drop by and talk with our Station Manager or one of our committee members with any questions you may have in relation to joining or working with LSR.